We at Beta Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

Deals in the field of Textile and Leather for almost two decades. We are under licensed manufacturer of “Nicca Chemical Co. Ltd.”, one of the top multinational of Japan. We have a complete range of chemicals right from pretreatment to finishing. We also deal in wide range of pigments and dyes. Our products have given excellent results to our valued customers, to the entire satisfaction.


There are many variations including Tannining & Retanning, Fatliquoring and Finishing.


We are dealing with Scouring Agent, Dyebath Lubricants, Stablizer, Sequestering Agent, etc.


We are dealing with a huge variety of shade cards provided in the Dyes section.


Sample House

Whether you are color experimenting, color coordinating.

Special Effects

Follow the hottest trends by adding a fashionable twist.

Garment Dyeing

Your garments have mastered the elements of style, now add the pigments.

Fabric Dyeing

Quality and finesse, is what Beta Chemicals epitomizes when servicing our cut and swe business.

Piece Goods

There are many variations of passages of in piece goods, but the majority have excellent quality.

Sweater Goods

Beta Chemicals prides itself with supreme excellence in dyeing and finishing.